The Winter Cold

recoveryThis winter has been especially rough on my body, my skin, my hair and my patience. Although, I am not a regular fan of winter to begin with, having an autoimmune disorder such as fibromyalgia doesn’t make things any easier. the simple act of clearing off my snow-covered car and driving with white knuckles among the shivering of my muscles, really amp up the muscle and joint stiffness and pain.

While I do my best to eat as I should and avoid night-shades and gluten, there are times that yes, I eat what I can grab, especially after a long winter’s drive to and from work.

There are things you can do, however, to minimize the pain and stiffness. The first, is to stay warm – really bundle up out there. Who cares what it looks like. If it keeps you from pain, do it. The other is to keep your immune system revved up by choosing healthy foods, nutrient dense fruits and vegetables and keeping ill people at bay.

While you need to take care of yourself all year long, this season, it is the most imperative as the cold sets in and people become ill and don’t take the time to layer-up properly and drive way too fast. Slow down, warm up and simply take care of yourself.

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